[messengers] It's not you. It's me.. plus two cents....

Date: 7 Jun 2012 02:35:13 +0200
From: listening quitely <listeningquitely@xxxxxxxx>

As you say....(Legs of steel, Gut of beer, ass of farts.)
Those three things you will keep, so have no fear...
Their must be a medical term for 
leaving the messenger biz, and having all the withdrawals of doing so. I know the feeling well. I've tried many times to leave, but the "Call or Song"  of the road is ever strong.... the whispering of the road never goes away. 

I  hear it still years later....

Maybe time to start "M.A" meeting worldwide," messengers anonymous " !!! for those going through the transition.

Note : TRY THIS: place both hands (if ya still have them, or just use one) upon your ears, then move your hands one inch away, then flail them 
hands back and forth...(one hand forward, other hand backwards and 
rapidly repeat). it should bring back the feeling of being out there 
regards, Bri

Legs of steel, Gut of beer, ass of farts.

On Jun 6, 2012, at 4:00 PM, Daniel Gordon wrote:

> Of you mean chiseled to a pulp.
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>> and i think the only thing that josh has that's chiseled would be his liver.
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