[messengers] Selle Anatomica Saddles

Date: 9 Jun 2012 12:09:46 +0200
From: M Hafer <carbonfreecourier@xxxxxxxxx>

If by chance you would prefer a traditional coloured Selle I will do my
best to get you all a hook-up.
Meredith just responded yesterday to my BMEF Sponsorship request and she
was enthusiastic about ideas
that will make everyone happy, your bums included;-)  I can tell you
without any hesitation that my reason for
reaching out to Selle Anatomica was the 10 seconds it took for my bum
(small narrow practically non-existent)
to recognize comfort like none previous and no adjustment of the front
accoutrements (boys)-
Thanks for watching and have a great weekend!!;-) www.selleanatomica.com