Re: [messengers] Silence Eh?

Date: 14 Jun 2012 18:40:57 +0200
From: Joshua Weitzner <whitesnake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Be sure to determine your views now on the all-important Fixie vs Track bike conundrum. Single greatest messenger dilemma of all time.

Where's Fuffich?

On Jun 13, 2012, at 8:56 PM, alibaer@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

whow. when i started bike messengering 8yrs ago, i didn't know i signed up
for scientology at the same time.

You are a 100% right period- on same note nobody who wants to benefit the Community without recognition or hidden motives is going to contribute when they see how little support there is. I don't care what people think or what scumbag cries about being insulted after he/she blew the Community for awards that they are furthest from desserving- This has been a horse
and pony show where the " hardest working couriers" finish last while
giving 110% w/o an agenda or campaign- The fatcats are running sweatshops,
calling themselves "working couriers", and those who are now too
Important to contribute even after paying cats like me 128 for a weeks work but come to this same forum talking shit about their last CMC and how Real its been and getting Love > else did that fuck Rob on his way to all those CMC's? The Real Show and True Colours as far as the US side is far from what is seen on this Forum or in the Community and is why its been
losing Good People trying to make things b
etter for many rather than getting themselves straight and their circle jerks- When all that's left here are those who've lied and manipulated and fucked people over go ahead and lay blame on me and those that were Doing the right thing for the right reasons- being chased out by"Role Models" so bold and strong they cry over getting called out while still
ignoring calls to contribute should be a reflection on them not on my
efforts to make a positive diff- but that is the way around here isn't it? Attacking the Truth and those not afraid to speak it is why this ship is sinking and smart folk like me are bailing-Hope I offended every one of you who defines fake asshole- Love to the Real left who have enough
self-awareness to know their not the Prior!!

On Jun 12, 2012, at 2:28 PM, Leah <torontocouriergirl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Attacking people is not going to encourage them to come out/ support the cause Morgan. I get why you're frustrated but the condescending way in which you're calling people out is exactly the reason why people stay silent. You're doing an awesome thing by trying to support the Bmef and therefore your fellow messengers but no one is forcing you to do it and
you when you start calling people douchebags because they are not
supporting you in the way you deem appropriate it just comes off as
whiny and mean.
Just my two cents.
Love ya buddy.

On 2012-06-12, at 1:57 PM, M Hafer <carbonfreecourier@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I and many people outside of this Community have and continue putting
in the work to make this ride and raffle a success. Its utterly
pathetic that 10 people, 1 Marcus Cook Award Recipient have stepped up
in any way-
Its telling when Smokey the fucking bear here ( me) who has finished 1 qualifier at a CMC in 16 years because he'd rather smoke and hang, is the one pulling sponsors, support, and thousand miles of logistics for
If your silence is because I offended you or your a douchebag > get
over it kid cause This aint about that- "
its about messengers helping messengers get through Hard Knocks behind
Hard Times Ahead-
Morgan 13.0
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