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Date: 5 Jul 2012 18:12:05 +0200
From: listening quitely <listeningquitely@xxxxxxxx>

I just saw a news article, seems that 1/4 million email users have been exploited worldwide,(malware) the spamming is related to that hack. I have noticed other accounts and other friends have been sending odd email scams over last few days.  I would suggest everyone change your passwords ASAP. Reminder that should be done every month or so as part of normal online life. 


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Subject: Re: [messengers] Spam from NAdir
Hi all,

sorry for the spam that did not get filtered, this is the situation:

- I can not tell if some people's webmail password got stolen from the site or phished from their local computer via malware or what the exact source the stuff has.

- I have adjusted the number of recipients. So if you send to this list, which is already to pretty many people, and have more than 4 other addresses, I will have to moderate the post.

- Some people have the moderation flag set, I will clear this as soon as I think the spam from them stops.

- Until then, no posts are lost. I just have to moderate posts, so only one person (me) has to deal with it, but we do not risk to be blacklisted with the whole list and many people as well as the list archive will not have that spam.

Do not worry too much, eventually check your computers for malware, if your machine is infected, your problem is probably bigger than this list anyhow.


On 05.07.2012, at 07:28, nadir olivet wrote:

> Holla Amigos
> Sorry Guys I don't know what happen. But I have changed all my pass codes to solve this problem with spam.  I need a favor. Can someone tell Michael that won last years main race to get in contact with me because an Italian Magazine want to do an article about him.
> Nadir
> Ps. sorry about the spam. I dont understand computers!!!!                           
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