Re: [messengers] ey Portland!

Date: 27 Jul 2012 01:18:51 +0200
From: Willy Wonker <fetologist@xxxxxxxxx>

yeah Son Of Wolverine what the fuck are you doing in the states at this time and not hitting up the CMWC!?  Ya farkin gallah!

 From: Raphaël Pfeiffer <raphael.pfeiffer@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: Andre Solano <angs87@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
Cc: messengers@xxxxxxxxx 
Sent: Thursday, 26 July 2012 6:36 AM
Subject: Re: [messengers] ey Portland!
Hey man, come to Chicago! There is something happening called "CMWC" (for
Cycle Messenger World Championships) 3--5th August!
You will find a bicycle out there, for sure!  Everybody is so kind here!
And if you don't find the way to Chicago, come to LAUSANNE next year, you
are welcome, fucking so much as every other messenger in this world!!!
CMWC'13 = LAUSANNE / switzerland. I't's easy, you could ride my bike in
Lausanne, you light travelling Andre!
Thank you Chicago for these 3 years of work you did for the community. You
are awesome! Really!
Have a hard race, see you on the podium !?!?
raph #48, Lausanne

2012/7/26 Andre Solano <angs87@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Any Portland messengers wana lend me a  bike for a week????  Im a
> Melbourne messenger travelling very light, hence the lack of bike...  Im
> abit of a short arse, so anything smaller then 55cm would be sweet, but i
> cant be too picky i guess.... I'll take anything really. I'll be in town
> from july 29th to August 4.Cheers, Andre
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