[messengers] BikeCityGuide Project

Date: 8 Aug 2012 16:46:51 +0200
From: andreas stueckl <a.stueckl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi fellow bike messengers,

Founded by Austrian and German bike messengers BikeCityGuide
http://www.bikecityguide.org/,  is a project about putting our bike
messenger knowledge to work to promote urban cycling for commuters,
residents and city travellers. Maybe you have heard about us at ECMC/CMWC.

Think about how cool it would be to travel to a foreign city and get the
best insight by exploring it on messenger routes. That's where we need your
help. By creating tours for our app you contribute to spread the collective
messenger knowledge.

We created tours in Graz, Vienna and Berlin. Our friends from Austria,
Switzerland and Germany created tours in their cities.

It's very easy, you just need to draw lines and connect spots on a digital
map. You can show your creativity and city knowledge and help other people.
Find out more in our editor.


If your city is not in our system, and you think, it should be, you can
promote our project! To learn more about BikeCityGuide, please send a mail
to messengers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To honor your effort we'll promote your messenger community such as
associations, cooperatives and companies by adding the logo to our website
and app. Furthermore we'll continue to sponsor national and international
messenger championships and support Messenger Emergency Funds (link) with 1
Euro per created tour.

Thanks to all supporters and ride safe!

*Andreas, BikeCityGuide*


*(skype: brudercityguide)*

DMFK 2012 (german championships): http://www.dmfk2012.de/

Örbm 2012 (austrian championships): http://www.oerbm2012.tk/

Suicmc 2012 (swiss championships): http://www.suicmc2012.ch/