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Date: 23 Aug 2012 18:52:12 +0200
From: Joshua Weitzner <whitesnake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

And who pays for the liability insurance? Workers Comp? Package insurance?

Who pays the taxman?

Have they done away with their silly notion of a bid system?

On Aug 22, 2012, at 10:14 AM, Wheels of Vengeance wrote:

Hi Alex- Good to see you in Chicago! I am working with Zipments for about four months now. It's different than Post Mates and the others you mentioned as far as I can tell. They are a small company, 5 employees including the CEO. Dudes name is Garrick, you may have met him at Chicago or Richmond earlier in the summer. He's from Michigan and has been in business for about two years. They made a success there using the app/internet to connect delivery people with customers, also branching out to a few other places including Chicago with the Brandon and the Chicago Cargo crew. They have an app much like Yogi's, it's pretty awesome and helps to replicate the dispatcher/order taker function that you will find in a 'traditional' messenger company. It also enables automatic billing through paypal and you get paid 24-48 hours after a job is delivered. So they want to go worldwide with this app and they got some funders to make a go of it in NY and beyond. I was contacted along with some other NYC Messengers and we have been working together to make it a viable and exceptional venture for all.
Delivery people make 70-80% commission, Zipments makes 20% per job.
You make 70% if it's someone else's client, 80% if it's your own client. Also, anyone who brings a client to the marketplace gets 10% of every delivery that client does indefinitely. We are working to open an office in Manhattan that will serve as a headquarters and also 'messenger oasis'. Individuals and co-ops can use the space to get warm, charge batteries, store packages overnight etc. It's an opportunity for individuals to start their own business and it's enabling a giant co-op. It took me a while to get my head around it but that explains it well I think! In addition they are working to bring in big box retailers who are looking to get in on the growing e-commerce same day delivery market. To break in to the NY market I proposed that there will be a traditional 9am-6pm delivery system based on a rate sheet that I created with Marc Maclean, Heather Muller and Stony Tony Monroe. I am confident that we can offer an exceptional service at a better price than UPS/FedEx/USPS while at the same time generating more money for couriers than the majority of the current marketplace.


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I'm interested in the companies that have millions of dollars to burn while
undercutting established courier services.

TaskRabbit charges $10 for 1hr service.

Zipments as it was described, (online auction bidding for jobs like as random & inexperienced messengers undercut experienced

At least Postmates pays minimum wage which is better than what a lot of
companies in SF pay.

So are they operating in other cities? I've heard rumors, but I want facts!

Alex Farioletti
On Aug 20, 2012 9:53 PM, "Yogi @ SYDBMA" <yogi@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I too have been making an app now for 2 years. It is almost finished and

It will be a great tool for SOLO and start up bike messengers. Actually it will work with any logistics SOLO user, be on a bike or moto or car or food delivery or . We have a group tool too, but that comes free once you pay

Still in development, it will be android and apple and do all your
accounting for you.

I will post it on the messenger forums when it is complete and tested.

Hope you are well .



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I couldn't help but notice that Zipments had a booth at the CMWC and it
seems that there are a bunch of venture funded apps getting into the
messenger & delivery space here in SF.

Anyone know whats up with these Kozmo wannabes?
Are they operating in other cities?

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