Re: [messengers] 2012 Markus Cook Award - call for nominations

Date: 8 Sep 2012 17:06:30 +0200
From: Joaquin Sanchez <joschz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

me too. strom for MCA!

On Sep 8, 2012, at 6:08 AM, kai edel wrote:

> I nominate another great swiss messenger for MCA.
> Monsieur Jerome "Strom" Thiriet.
> Many of you might know him from several ecmc's, cmwc's, suicmc's, etc. 
> he attended through all these years.
> I guess, he is already around since 13 years of messengering and
> throughout all these years he organised countless of Alleycats and events.
> For example, the ecmc 2005 in Basel. Everyone, who was there,
> will remember the Party on "Das Boot" where naked couriers got all crazy
> and turned the boat into a giant drum machine!
> As the organizer of the Tricmc 2009, he brought the french, swiss and 
> german messenger scene together and created a spirit and plattform,
> which all of us european messengers brought us even closer together.
> But, personally and most of all, i nominate Strom because he is one of
> the most positive and active people in the community.
> And even if he can't be as often as he wants to be on the street anymore,
> because he is one of the chiefs of the Kurierzentrale, Basel, he never
> forgets his messenger roots.
> You can party hard, race hard, snuff harder or just chill out with him.
> Whenever there was a messenger in need, like Pablo from NYC or
> April from Washington, he threw a race to donate money or it just came
> out of his own pocket.
> Strom has a true messenger heart, and i know, whenever i will be
> in trouble, lying deaddrunk in some corner or running out of cash,
> he will be on my side to help me out like he will help out anyone of us
> in the family.
> Strom for MCA!
> the heart, kai 
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>> Betreff: [messengers] 2012 Markus Cook Award - call for nominations
>> It’s time to call for nominations for this year’s Markus Cook Award
>> for services to the international messenger community.
>> This will be the 14th year that the award is presented. It was started by
>> Buffalo Bill in 1998, to remember Markus and to draw attention to
>> messengers whose work benefits all of us.
>> From the IFBMA’s Markus Cook Award page:
>> “The MCA for services to the International Messenger Community is not a
>> prize for winning a race. At the time the Award was conceived, CMWC was
>> beginning to be more about the racing than the happening. I [ Buffalo Bill]
>> wanted to re-establish the spirit of the championships, to restate the reason
>> that we all come to this event every year.
>> The MCA is a reflection of the axiom that everyone who comes to a CMWC is
>> a winner, whether they race or not.
>>> Markus himself was very much in love with the CMWC, and in many ways he
>> was the unlikeliest bike racer imaginable. He was several other things, of
>> course. Editor of Mercury Rising messenger zine, unofficial spokesperson of
>> the SFBMA, leader of L Sid, and a friend to all. The enthusiasm of Markus
>> brought CMWC and the international messenger community toSan Francisco, and
>> it saddens many people to this day that he did not live to see it.
>> This award is for people that inspire and empower the wider messenger
>> community, that put all of us before themselves.”
>> There is no limit to the number of nominees and anyone can nominate
>> someone. The messenger community is fortunate to have many people who are willing
>> to devote time and effort to improve the lot of others. The difficult part
>> is narrowing the list down to just one recipient every year.
>> Nominations will close on Sunday September 18
>> So send your nominations to the messenger list and/or send it to my
>> email.
>> The basic but not so strict criteria are:
>>  – it must be mainly for activities that have taken place in the last
>> 12 months; although you can also draw attention to his or her prior work.
>> - they don’t have to be a working messenger; they can be a former
>> messenger
>> The decision will be taken by a committee of former recipients and will be
>> awarded as close to Messenger Appreciation Day (October 9) as possible.
>> More on Markus:
>> Markus Cook at the Messenger Memorial
>> Mercury Falling from SF Weekly (<somewhat flawed)
>> Letter replies to Mercury Falling
>> Video clip of Markus:
>> (Apologies for the video quality)
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