[messengers] Moms...

Date: 13 Sep 2012 18:47:49 +0200
From: clutch.cable@xxxxxxxxx

In 1986, my first winter is was filmed by local news during an icestorm. I was one of the few riders out on that day in Portland, and the ended the piece with me crashing, sliding up a slight icy hill.
 My mom waTched it within the hour, and seriously made me take the next number of days off till the ice storm passed. I think it lasted like a week. (transerve the next day told us we had to walk deliveries on the ice so was an easy choice to take the time off)
 My point is I spent the rest of my years on the road sheilding my family from the realities of the road, and it surely made it easier for all emotionally involved.

Dabby McCrashalot
Portland Oregon