[messengers] Support Chuey!

Date: 25 Oct 2012 08:36:41 +0200
From: Katie Styer <katiostyler@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey Y'all.
Some of you know Chuey and some of you know his caps. But either way, he is
a member of this community and needs help right now. Chuey was arrested
last Friday morning for observing an arrest of three young Latinos in San
Francisco's Mission District. He was beaten by the police, sent to the ER
and then charged with assault and battery of a police officer! This racial
profiling and police brutality is not only disgusting but intolerable and
even more, deeply saddening and maddening when it happens to well loved,
respected and peacable member of your community.

Please talk about this, spread the word and support him in anyway you can.
Fundraisers will happen. If you can support him in any way, do so.

Thanks for reading.


Here's one way you can contribute to his legal defense fund.