[messengers] Doggin'

Date: 30 Oct 2012 11:48:42 +0100
From: Max Biaggi <sunaltahusky@xxxxxxxxx>

'Frisco, eh?  Still doggin' me, even way up north.  So, I get yer reasoning, I guess, for the dual pre-event deal(the United States is a prison), but this is the   "North American" cycle courier champs is it not?  Are we to have a Tijuana pre event too, with a tunnel for our southern brothers and sisters?  I tried to call this pre-event as soon as I found out where it was to beat out Portland, but 'Frisky?  It's a thousand miles away!  Take two weeks to ride there, what about the pre-ride?  Not too far from Vancouver, we can even scoot over to Victoria and bum rush their-outdoor-velodrome and ferry it down if you want.  Now I know (as an ex-'Friskin') they got the Quake City Rumble every year usually on independents day weekend and that's fine, been to about seven of them.  But they had the NACCC in '07, they had the Worlds in '96.  Trying to create some hands across the border one world messenger love here, we want the OFFICIAL pre-event status, 'Frisco can have the post event if that's cool, and if possible we should all do something for brother Chuey, but that's a different subject.  Just puttin' it out there, lets talk about it.  Still early days yet.  

Later Chief, one love.

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