Re: [messengers] Doggin'

Date: 31 Oct 2012 03:33:24 +0100
From: M Gen <mishkageneric@xxxxxxxxx>

I gotta agree with you, my brother in the north: S.F. has plenty of events
(I know this cause I'm from there). Rick did put in his request quite
awhile ago and Vancouver is just fuckin' cool! The last time I was at an
event in Vancouver was the Dunhill Human Powered Rollercoaster in the late
1990's! (remember those events, rookie's?)
Give Vancouver a chance, yo!
-Mishka, 111

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 11:48 PM, Max Biaggi <sunaltahusky@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 'Frisco, eh?  Still doggin' me, even way up north.  So, I get yer
> reasoning, I guess, for the dual pre-event deal(the United States is a
> prison), but this is the   "North American" cycle courier champs is it not?
>  Are we to have a Tijuana pre event too, with a tunnel for our southern
> brothers and sisters?  I tried to call this pre-event as soon as I found
> out where it was to beat out Portland, but 'Frisky?  It's a thousand miles
> away!  Take two weeks to ride there, what about the pre-ride?  Not too far
> from Vancouver, we can even scoot over to Victoria and bum rush
> their-outdoor-velodrome and ferry it down if you want.  Now I know (as an
> ex-'Friskin') they got the Quake City Rumble every year usually on
> independents day weekend and that's fine, been to about seven of them.  But
> they had the NACCC in '07, they had the Worlds in '96.  Trying to create
> some hands across the border one world messenger love here, we want the
> OFFICIAL pre-event status, 'Frisco can have the post event if that's cool,
> and if possible we should all do something for brother Chuey, but that's a
> different subject.  Just puttin' it out there, lets talk about it.  Still
> early days yet.
> Later Chief, one love.
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