[messengers] halloween alleycat /// paris messenger united TV

Date: 10 Nov 2012 17:51:32 +0100
From: FuegO <fuegal@xxxxxxxxx>

bonjour !!!

we start a new video channel to share the energy we spend here to organize
the Paris prologue to cmwc Lausanne.

Something we call PANAMEXPERIENCE 2 / for those who came for the first
edition THE PANAMEXPERIENCE 1 in 2008 or the FFCMC in 2010. Take some
holidays at the end of july to come in paris, u're already welcome !!!
CHistoooole, we'll show you the way to ride to swiss  !!

here the TV

here the web site, under construction

also there is a facebook profile, find it aswell, i don't have account

have a good weekend !

Paris messenger united team / F