[messengers] yo cargo

Date: 14 Dec 2012 18:31:51 +0100
From: listening quitely <listeningquitely@xxxxxxxx>

They are great, They are heavy , like 30 to 50 kilo empty heavy, only for flatlanders, and meth'ed up 
Santa's elves delivering a green Christmas.  kidding  just kidding.,,,  
Just never seen anybody on a cargo bike heading up mount royal., I'll 
stick with my 8 kilo bike and 50 kilo of carried gear. Though I got no 
problem borrowing or renting a cargo for in town shit once in a while. 
Never has a cargo been stable or convenient acceding or descending big 
hills and mountains. So 3000 dollar bike that's great to look at.but 
bitchy outside the city limits. So now is your chance to start bitching 
San Franciscans, cause I know Joel's gonna get a laugh! (and possibly 
send gentle hateful thoughts in my general direction LOL) Yeah hahah Merry Furlicking Christmas.  LMAO 
So I'm all for a group ownership of a cargo, that makes sense just don't 
forget your community, and share your fat arz low slung cargo bike YO