Re: [messengers] MONSTER STANDBY nyc 3/16

Date: 2 Jan 2013 07:15:51 +0100
From: paulus palmqvist <paulus.palmqvist@xxxxxxxxx>


On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 2:02 AM, Danny Koniowsky

> From the jerks that brought you ECMC Brooklyn, Fixt of Fury, Late Night
> Frost Bite, the 10-9 Work Day Challenge and all sorts of other dumb shit,
> here is the single most important bike messenger event since whatever the
> last most important bike messenger event was...
> The Alley Cat. Formerly synonymous with Messenger Race, the Alley Cat has
> evolved into something much bigger, grander, and significantly more
> hardcore the world over.
> Underneath all it's hype and flamboyance it remains a race based on the
> world of bike messengers. It's an exaggeration, a cartoon of what
> messengers do each and every day.
> HOWEVER, the riding around, delivering packages, risking your neck for $5
> is only half of the challenge messengers face.
> For most, the much bigger challenge is boredom.
> Yes, standing by, waiting for the next job to happen. When will it happen?
> When I order this next cup of coffee? When my slice goes into the oven?
> When I finally get to the good chapter of my book? When this girl gives me
> her number? When I order this next beer?
> Standing By is a far greater challenge than delivering the job.
> THEREFORE, we offer you the greatest challenge known to the entire world of
> bike culture : MONSTER STANDBY.
> Inspired by an advertisement for some shit that happened in LA, we've run
> with it. A 9 hour challenge that will not prohibit you from racing in
> Monster Track. A challenge not just of mind and body, but of spirit.
> Drink coffee for points. Drink beer for points. Do crossword puzzles for
> points. Deliver packages for points. Race Monster Track for points. Get a
> massage for points.
> Check it out on Facebook, and some more real web presence will happen soon
> enough. Or hit me up for details!!!
> -Danny k
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