[messengers] Looking for a roof over my head in Berlin

Date: 7 Jan 2013 21:57:41 +0100
From: Johannes Okner <johannes@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

So, I´m planning on leaving Stockholm for Berlin as soon as possible.
It´s getting to expensive to fly down every weekend:)

So this is a shout out to see if anyone has a room och a closet or anything
to rent out to a poor swedish messenger looking to maybe earn a € or two in
Whatever I can find is good enough for me!

For a short time or a long time.
Came home from Berlin this morning and lokking to go back soon.

I´m 26 years old and have been working as a  messenger i Stockholm for a
little over 6 years.
Well behaved (sometimes)
Good looking (sometimes)
Like to do dishes and cook;)
No problems with animals or party´s or bikes or dirty

Tchüss / Johannes aka "prom queen"