Re: [messengers] MONSTER STANDBY nyc 3/16

Date: 11 Jan 2013 17:15:30 +0100
From: Joshua Weitzner <whitesnake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

This event could not be more real. It's the realist. There's even a website to guarantee it's reality. You can even pre-register.

SPONSORS: we love messenger owned and operated businesses. It give us hope that maybe one day we will be able to do something else with our lives. Hit me or Danny up if you're interested in getting your name / logo up on the website, registration packet, back of the t-shirt etc.

Get ready to sit around!

MARCH 16th 2013.

On Dec 31, 2012, at 7:02 PM, Danny Koniowsky wrote:

From the jerks that brought you ECMC Brooklyn, Fixt of Fury, Late Night Frost Bite, the 10-9 Work Day Challenge and all sorts of other dumb shit, here is the single most important bike messenger event since whatever the
last most important bike messenger event was...


The Alley Cat. Formerly synonymous with Messenger Race, the Alley Cat has
evolved into something much bigger, grander, and significantly more
hardcore the world over.

Underneath all it's hype and flamboyance it remains a race based on the
world of bike messengers. It's an exaggeration, a cartoon of what
messengers do each and every day.

HOWEVER, the riding around, delivering packages, risking your neck for $5
is only half of the challenge messengers face.

For most, the much bigger challenge is boredom.

Yes, standing by, waiting for the next job to happen. When will it happen? When I order this next cup of coffee? When my slice goes into the oven? When I finally get to the good chapter of my book? When this girl gives me
her number? When I order this next beer?

Standing By is a far greater challenge than delivering the job.

THEREFORE, we offer you the greatest challenge known to the entire world of
bike culture : MONSTER STANDBY.

Inspired by an advertisement for some shit that happened in LA, we've run
with it. A 9 hour challenge that will not prohibit you from racing in
Monster Track. A challenge not just of mind and body, but of spirit.


Drink coffee for points. Drink beer for points. Do crossword puzzles for points. Deliver packages for points. Race Monster Track for points. Get a
massage for points.


Check it out on Facebook, and some more real web presence will happen soon
enough. Or hit me up for details!!!
-Danny k
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