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Date: 7 Mar 2013 12:10:55 +0100
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   yeah. its about time for paris. and milano needs a ecmc not a pre event
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   Open chistole
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   Talking about Open Forum, could anyone from the council get in touch
   with me please... Does it still exist anyway!??
   Association CMWC2013 Lausanne
   Cesar-Roux 29
   CH-1005 Lausanne
   Le 6 mars 2013 `a 16:32, Leah a ecrit :
   > You crazy Swiss have 2 Tuesdays in a week!?
   > Just kidding.
   > One serious question..I only see one open forum scheduled but there
   needs to be two. When will the first one take place?
   > Thanks!
   > Can't wait to see you guys! ....still hoping to find a flight for
   less than $1200!
   > Leah
   > On 2013-03-06, at 8:41 AM, Blaize Felberbaum
   <blaize.felberbaum@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
   >> Dear Messenger friends.
   >> A few words to tell how things are going for this summer CMWC.
   >> The crew is working hard to provide you with everything you love
   about messengers events: races, parties, pre-events, sun and beers!
   >> Below you'l find informations about:
   >> -Pre-event
   >> -CMCW Program
   >> -Races courses and Parties venues
   >> -Housing, food and drink
   >> -More informations
   >> -Pre-event:
   >> The PAME in Paris just launch the registration for the "prologue" to
   Lausanne. Check it out!
   >> [1]
   >> Group ride will leave Paris for Lausanne just in time for you to be
   ready for all that counts in CMWC!
   >> -CMWC Program:
   >> Things have changed a little bit the past weeks, but the spirit stay
   the same. Here're the highlights:
   >> Tuesday 30.07:
   >> Track day at the UCI velordrome in Aigle
   >> Wedensday 31.07:
   >> Tour des Alpes. Riding over the most beautiful passes in Europe
   >> Tuesday 01.08:
   >> Sprint, Skid and all that stuff. Right in the middle of the city.
   BBQ all day
   >> Opening party. August 1st is our national holiday, that mean free
   fondue for everyone! Fireworks all night long
   >> Friday 02.08:
   >> Main Race recognition and qualifications. Uphill sprint. When we say
   uphill, we mean uphill...
   >> Party at Le Casino
   >> Saturday 03.08:
   >> More Main Race qualification and Cargo Race presented by Bullit
   >> Party at Le Casino
   >> Sunday 04.08:
   >> Main Race Final!
   >> Final Party by the lake, Goldsprint, award ceremony
   >> Monday 05.08
   >> Open Forum
   >> Check out the website for more information, exact time etc...
   >> -Races courses & Parties venues:
   >> Since the Main Race will be in the old city of Lausanne (yes that
   means cobblestones, castle and cathedral) all the departments of the
   city and the state must approve the course. So we're still waiting for
   final authorizations but everything is on time for now.
   >> All the venues for parties have been booked. Under a bridge (true,
   but you'll have to come to see that it's no bum place) in a Casino
   (again, come and see for yourself), in the forest, by the lake you name
   it, we have it for you!
   >> -Housing, food and drink:
   >> We know, you think Switzerland is expensive. You're probably
   right... We've booked cheap housing, around 10-15$EURCHF. Anti-atomic
   bunkers, you'll love it! Some couch surfing room will also be
   available. Messenger how have registered will get an e-mail to book
   this housing in a couple of weeks.
   >> We've hired a chef to cook you simple but tasteful and healthy food.
   We will provide cheap meal from tuesday 'til monday.
   >> On drinks, we decided to go local! La Lausannoise brewed near by
   will be served cold and other local alcohols are waiting for your
   thirsty mouth!
   >> -More informations:
   >> We try to update our website as often as possible, you'll find the
   answers to your questions there. If you wan to know what's happening
   minute per minute go to our Facebook page
   ([2] you don't have to BE
   on Facebook to access it!
   >> If you have questions, comments or love letter you want to send us,
   info@xxxxxxxxxx is available 24/7!
   >> All of this is available by registering to the CMWC13 in Lausanne!
   >> [3]
   >> See you in Lausanne!
   >> Blaize Felberbaum
   >> President du comite d'organisation
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   >> (+41) 79 705 68 91
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