[messengers] flying to NAC3 on AS?

Date: 10 Apr 2013 10:16:16 +0200
From: Kirk Dungan <happycourier13@xxxxxxxxx>

Yo, I got two upgrade codes for Alaska Airlines.Working messengers get first priority after that it's exengers. Alaska Airlines kind of sucks but they don't suck as hard as some others and your odds of getting a direct flight to Seattle are better. Here is what you do check Priceline, Kayak or whatever site you like find a good fare on Alaska then go to their web site and on upgrade preference check MVP guest upgrade for the either the flight to or flight back, your call, if they have available upgrades then E-mail the list with some proof of messengerhood. like a scanned pay stub or your name on a company web site or something we can verify, I send you the code (one per messenger) and you skip some bag fees (They're still going to jack you for the bike box) if your lucky the food is edible, you get on the plane first, you sit up front and drink for free. Just to share here's what a review site has to say about Alaska Airlines.
Notice how most of the bad reviews came from people who payed full fare for first.
Just tryin' to help,