[messengers] Velo City 8 and..

Date: 3 May 2013 04:45:18 +0200
From: Wheels of Vengeance <metropoloco@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hola Amigos- Want to shout out the Toronto Massive and hope everyone has a blast up there this weekend!
Been crazy as per usual, my crew is getting lots of work delivering organic juice (!?) among the other regular type business stuff.
Velo City 8 is May 24 in Mexico City : https://www.facebook.com/events/289569314509526/
And June 1 in NYC : https://www.facebook.com/events/513673982030570/ 
Also doing a dispatch race on June 2 in NY gonna be sending a fast Female and Male to Lausanne from June 1 event and a fast Female/Male to Seattle from the June 2 jam.
If you are doing the East Coast Triple Crown this year take an extra week off and ride with us!
Velo City tickets are open to any working messenger as long as you have not won this event in the past : )
Oh your still reading this? Let me tell ya one of the companies I work with is Boombotix, they make insane portable bluetooth speakers. They asked me if I know any London Messengers that want to rep their new Rex. I have been riding with them for a few years and they have sponsored a lot of Mess events in NY and beyond. 
London Heads hit me up off list if you are interested and I will get you more info.
Thanks All and Hope to See You Soon!

Ride Safe-