[messengers] CMWC13 Newsletter #03 or What's up at CMWC13

Date: 21 May 2013 22:51:59 +0200
From: Blaize Felberbaum <blaize.felberbaum@xxxxxxxxxx>

Dear bike messenger,

Some news from the CMWC organising committee just in time for you to book flights …
We received notice from the Tax authorities that there is an arrangement for you to write your trip off against your taxes as long as you bring more then $1 million into the country.  Naturally, this is conditional upon all services provided during the CMWC being paid for in gold … 24 carat only, please.  Your stay will be closely monitored to make sure you are spending enough money and if you haven’t reached your quota by the time you leave, you will have to either buy and take with you (or be force-fed) the difference in cheese, chocolate an cuckoo clocks … a bike rack or anti-indigestion tablets are recommended.

On the other hand … we have been working hard in Lausanne to bring you an affordable CMWC. We have managed to secure accommodation for CHF 15.- per night in the communal atomic fallout shelters.  These might not protect you from gaseous weapons of mass destruction following extensive beer infested evenings (we have a deal with our local brewery La Lausannoise and are hope to get the cost down to less than $4.50 a pint!) but they are dry and bomb-proof so even the Gauls won’t need to worry about the sky falling on their heads!

Food is going to be provided canteen-style and you will probably find the cost of stuff outside the CMWC can be surprisingly OK.
The main race course has been secured.  While we can’t reveal any secrets, we can let you know these guys are going to be involved:

Right … how are you gonna get your asses over here and grab that cheap accommodation before it is taken by someone else?

1. Sign up for the championships on the website.  http://www.cmwc13.com
2. Once you have paid your registration fee, you’ll get an e-mail with the housing registration. You need to register for accommodation with your messenger number that you signed up with and if you haven’t paid, we can’t keep a place for you.
3. Book your flights / train / spare tyres to get to Lausanne strait or to Paris the weekend before the event
4. Get yourself right here or join the ride from Paris to Lausanne.
5. If you find yourself at any point trying to take a bridge or overnight ferry to get to Lausanne, you are probably trying to go to Sweden.

See you in 10 (ten that is!) weeks,

President of the organization committee

Registration: http://cmwc13.com/en/inscription/
Who's coming: http://cmwc13.com/en/liste-des-participants/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CMWC13
Twitter: @CMWC13