[messengers] NACCC check in and Registration. Your qualifier heat.

Date: 24 Jun 2013 03:26:27 +0200
From: Treebeard Jace <treebeard1722@xxxxxxxxx>

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The NACCC is but a scant week and a half away.
We are making final preparations to wup your asses:)

All participants will need to register in person, before the Qualifiers on Saturday. 
Take a look at the schedule of events for registration times.

Since you should have already pre-registered, please come check in at Registration to get your packet.
If you have paid, you are good. If you have not paid, please have $60 ready.

You will receive a T-shirt, beer coozie, water bottle and other swag with the reg packet.
The water bottle is the key to getting free beer throughout the weekend.
If you have one, you get free beer. If you don't, you don't.
You will also get a spokecard with your racer number on it.
Remember your number or keep the spoke card close, you will need it for all events.

When you check in and Register you will need to pick a qualifying heat to race in.
Heat #1 will start at 12:00pm, Heat #2 at 1pm, Heat #3 at 2pm, Heat #4 at 3pm and Heat #5 at 4pm. 
We will cap each heat at 60 until they are all full, after that point we will shove you into the lake.
Non messengers will race in Heat #5, all others can pick which heat they would like to race in.

If you have signed up in the wrong category or are just trying to pull a fast one on us, please let the folks at registration know, and we will put you in the correct category.
This will keep everyone happy and we can all have a good time. If not, and you are found in violation, you will be DQ'd immediately.
We don't have time to fuck around with bullshit drama. Be honest and all will be accepted.

Check with Marco if you want to help out in any way.

Check with Face if you need housing.

Most importantly, we want everyone to have a great time here in Seattle.
We want the travelers to see the sweetest parts of Seattle, and we want the locals to be surprised by parts of the city they have never seen.
Our dear city is Green and beautiful and ready to take all of you in.

Thank you.

Robert Kittilson

Event and Sponsorship Coordinator
NACCC 2013 Seattle