Re: [messengers] Sea naccc

Date: 25 Jun 2013 02:45:20 +0200
From: Lane Dell <grubeegroova@xxxxxxxxx>

Booking a return flight on Alaska today or tomoz for the naccc. Upgrades
still available? I wanna fly balla styleee

Yo, just a reminder I've got two guest upgrades for Alaska Airlines, if
anyone is flying there, First grab is for working messengers after that
exengers. One per messenger/exenger. You can use it for recovering from the
hangover after (First class passengers board well, first, "What would you
like to drink after take off Mr or Miss messenger" etc) or start the party
early trying to drink the plane dry. Those things work on their low fares,
get treated as you should for once.

 From: Jason <treebeard1722@xxxxxxxxx>
To: messengers <messengers@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 5:28 AM
Subject: [messengers] Sea naccc

Hi Messengers,
To register for this year's Naccc click here.

We are almost one month out and shit is getting tight.
Our plan is to drink and smoke all of you under the table while we crush
you with our hills and good looks.
All the while brewing one of the best NACCC parties this planet has ever

The Volunteer and Housing coordinators will be getting in touch soon to
shore up any arrangements.

More sponsors are coming on and the course will blow your mind.

See you here in the wild wild north west.


Robert Kittilson and Jace Brien

NACCC 2013 Seattle
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