[messengers] open forum bern

Date: 3 Jul 2013 15:39:37 +0200
From: alibaer@xxxxxxxxxx

at the ecmc in bern we held a shortshort open forum just discussing
proposals for next year's ecmc. as far as i know ecmc is given only one
year in advance, so for 2014 there was stockholm and prague applying. the
stockholm messengers already made up an organizing crew, they made up
their minds on how to provide us with cheap beer, they convinced the sun
to leave us just for 1hour/day for the time of the whole event... whereas
prague's bid was quite spontaneous. so people were in favor of stockholm.

prague's still in the game for 2015, but there's no real messenger scene
around (one more reason for us to go there). everybody's invited to help
realizing the whole event, they are looking for helping hands from outside
prague. so if you want to have an ecmc2015 in prague, connect with kole (i
just realized i don't have his email), organize, contribute, give, take,
and next year in stockholm prague'll come up with another bid already
presenting structures and plans.

bern raised the stakes for the upcoming events, thanks to all organizers,
racers, non-racers, lorraine, everybody who helped turning this
championship into what is was! see you all in lausanne!!!!