[messengers] Minutes from the Open Forum

Date: 21 Aug 2013 14:58:09 +0200
From: Blaize Felberbaum <blaize.felberbaum@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hello to all!

Sorry it took so long, but here are the short minutes from the 2nd Open Forum at CMWC13 in Lausanne, Switzerland. They were taken on Monday august 5th by Viv'. Thanks to her.

1. BMEF discussion regarding how much the fund is giving to injured messenger.
Discussion is stopped as it's not the prerogative of the Open Forum nor the IFBMA to talk about this issue

2. Vote for the Council.
-Nico Deportago-Cabrera expressed his intention to stay in the council during the CMWC13. He is reelected.
-All of the other members of the council are reelected who ever they areā€¦ (Jeff O'Neil and Bill Thain at least)
-Leah Hollinsworth joins the Council
-Blaize Felberbaum propose himself to help the council without been formally on the board

3. Moving (a little bit) forward
Blaize propose that from now on all CMWC will have to share some informations to future CMWC in order to help them with organization. Such as budgets, permits, sponsors contacts, registration and more. As those informations are sometime confidential, they should be only available to CMWC organizers.
The idea is received with applauses and tears of joys. The council will work on a solution.

The council will work on a solution for better communication in between the members of the board.

4. CMWC 2015
Reps of Melbourne and Paris present the final argumentation for the vote of CMWC 2015
Proxy vote shows that both city collected the exact same votes (Under the control of a member of the council. We swiss don't joke about democracy!). Messenger  at the open forum choose a city in between the 2 in the race for 2015 (non-messengers are asked to step aside the vote). A short majority chooses Melbourne.
After a few more arguments, reps from Paris choose to withdraw from CMWC 2015 bid. 
Therefore a consensus is reached and MELBOURNE IS OFFICIALLY VOTED HOST CITY FOR CMWC 2015.

Reps from Melbourne were among others:
Simon Martinus
Lachie Thomson

5. End of CMWC13
August 5th 2013 around noon, Blaize Officially closes the Open Forum and by doing so, ends the 21st Cycle Messenger World Championships 2013.

On a personal note, I wish to thank all the messengers who worked hard to get to Lausanne. It has been a great joy to have you all here with us for a week. Thanks to all the people who helped us organized this World Championships, the organization committee, volunteers, The City of Lausanne, our sponsors.

For the past 2 weeks now, total strangers in Lausanne have been stoping me in the street to tell me the fun they had watching you racing, partying and riding here. It goes out to you all...

We're a big family, may we be like this for a long time!!

I'll see you all really soon!



President of the organization committee CMWC13 Lausanne