Re: [messengers] Minutes from the Open Forum

Date: 21 Aug 2013 15:23:26 +0200
From: "Joel Metz" <magpie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

final vote for cmwc 2 years in advance? i guess procedures have changed...


> 4. CMWC 2015
> Reps of Melbourne and Paris present the final argumentation for the vote
> of CMWC 2015
> Proxy vote shows that both city collected the exact same votes (Under the
> control of a member of the council. We swiss don't joke about democracy!).
> Messenger  at the open forum choose a city in between the 2 in the race
> for 2015 (non-messengers are asked to step aside the vote). A short
> majority chooses Melbourne.
> After a few more arguments, reps from Paris choose to withdraw from CMWC
> 2015 bid.
> Therefore a consensus is reached and MELBOURNE IS OFFICIALLY VOTED HOST

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