[messengers] Ladies Only Alleycat this Sunday in SF

Date: 29 Aug 2013 20:52:04 +0200
From: Katie Styer <katiostyler@xxxxxxxxx>

Yo all you messbags in SF and other west-coastal environs. Come join the
party this Sunday for a  big ole ladies race, biggest on the West coast?
Maybe! Prolly not the country cause no one can really touch Babes in
STPaul-Minne, nor would I want to. That shit is the ish-- but this one's
pretty cool too. With an omnium winner to be announced and everything!

Dudes work checkpoints. Ladies/trans-peeps race. Everyone has fun.
Afterparty TBA announced day of race, cause we be sneaky like that. Check
out these websites to get stoked:



Rubbersidedown. Muchlove.

-katio from sfo