[messengers] Global Gutz tomorrow!

Date: 27 Sep 2013 15:22:14 +0200
From: mikael szafirowski <mikael.szafirowski@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear Courierdom!

  Tomorrow the 15th(or something like that) edition of the Global Gutz will take place. Another tour de force of our unique community of blazing fast, thoughtful,  beautiful and weird professionals. And we can be the opposite as well!
  According to the true spirit of the Global Gutz, we'll try to facilitate the trip of the fastest man and woman to the next world championships. We have a central point with a paypal account in Basel, that will take care of delivering the collected funds to the respective winners. If the organiser doesn't have an account, I'm sure there's someone in your city to facilitate the transfer. This is really the cheapest way. 
  To be eligible to win the prize, you have to be a working courier. Everyone is welcome to participate and even win, but as this race is meant to strengthen a community of mostly underpaid, and under-insured individuals, we want to make sure that at least they won't go under-appreciated. What you can best do as an ex-courier or non-courier is to help your city be the fastest by doing some pulling in the front!
   Tomorrow is the race, I will take results until thursday midnight CET. After this, by saturday the winners are announced. Please take a photo of your respective winners so we know who to watch in Mexico next year.  

So Paypal account is jeromethiriet (blergh) gmx.ch. ---> ≈3 euros/racer
Deadline for results: Thursday midnight. 
Format for the times: hh:mm:ss
Fastest Man&Woman get half of the registration money respectively. 

Be safe and have fun!