Re: [messengers] Global Gutz tomorrow!

Date: 30 Sep 2013 12:39:09 +0200
From: FuegO <fuegal@xxxxxxxxx>

C'├ętait trop bien Global Guutz !


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>    What time are we supposed to start?
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>    From: mikael szafirowski
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>    Subject: [messengers] Global Gutz tomorrow!
>    Dear Courierdom!
>    Tomorrow the 15th(or something like that) edition of the Global Gutz
>    will take place. Another tour de force of our unique community of
>    blazing fast, thoughtful, beautiful and weird professionals. And we can
>    be the opposite as well!
>    According to the true spirit of the Global Gutz, we'll try to
>    facilitate the trip of the fastest man and woman to the next world
>    championships. We have a central point with a paypal account in Basel,
>    that will take care of delivering the collected funds to the respective
>    winners. If the organiser doesn't have an account, I'm sure there's
>    someone in your city to facilitate the transfer. This is really the
>    cheapest way.
>    To be eligible to win the prize, you have to be a working courier.
>    Everyone is welcome to participate and even win, but as this race is
>    meant to strengthen a community of mostly underpaid, and under-insured
>    individuals, we want to make sure that at least they won't go
>    under-appreciated. What you can best do as an ex-courier or non-courier
>    is to help your city be the fastest by doing some pulling in the front!
>    Tomorrow is the race, I will take results until thursday midnight CET.
>    After this, by saturday the winners are announced. Please take a photo
>    of your respective winners so we know who to watch in Mexico next year.
>    So Paypal account is jeromethiriet (blergh) ---> a 0/00^3
>    euros/racer
>    Deadline for results: Thursday midnight.
>    Format for the times: hh:mm:ss
>    Fastest Man&Woman get half of the registration money respectively.
>    Be safe and have fun!
>    Hattara
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