[messengers] Toronto Messenger Memorial Garden

Date: 28 Oct 2013 16:30:27 +0100
From: Leah Hollinsworth <torontocouriergirl@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey messfam, 

An ex-messenger from Toronto has started a petition to have a section of Cloud Gardens designated as a Messenger Memorial Garden honouring those messengers that are no longer with us. If you are familiar with the Toronto messenger scene then you will be aware of what a big part of our history Cloud Gardens is. It is the park that is situated a few meters from where Spreads used to be. Spreads was our bar. A true messenger bar for many years. Sadly it is no longer there but many messengers still meet and hang out in Cloud Gardens and we have been using it as a meeting place to remember our fallen comrades. Please sign this petition so that it can be formally recognized and remembered.  

Thanks everyone!