Re: [messengers] Invitation to XxX YeAHs of MeSS!! (27.12.13-02.01.14)

Date: 15 Nov 2013 11:09:12 +0100
From: "kai edel" <kek76@xxxxxx>

   Norbert just mailed me, that the xxx-announcement hasnt gotten thru
   only half to you guys!
   So, here again and hopefully this One will come thru now!
   Check the Mail down here!
   Plus we have already many more news like:
   -a great hq for the week!
   -a Mobile Sauna!
   -swiss fondue for nye!
   -track day
   Working on:
   -yoga lessons for couriers
   -zumba lessons with hot chicks!
   And many many more!
   We will keep you posted
   Strom, hatti, Kai
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   kai edel <kek76@xxxxxx> schrieb:

   Ladies and Gentlemen,
   Dear Mess- Family,

   Some of you might already know about this through FB.

   we are having a big happening over NYE this year and you should
   consider to come over here and join!

   we are getting old..this is why we wanna celebrate !

   15 plus 15 makes "XxX YeAHs of MeSS !!"(+plus 15 un-finnish-ed YeAHs)
   Thats why we invite the Messenger World to a new Drunken Idiotic
   Messenger Championships
   to the Shitt...Nicest place on earth! Ruhrpott!
   TRACK, SAUNA, KARAOKE, BONFIRE, RACE,RACE,RACE and lots of more stuff!
   Come and celebrate New Yeahs Eve with us!
   A whole week full of crazy Mess-Shit! (27.12.13-02.01.14) You remember
   X-Days? or ECMC-Brooklyn? Felt the heart-warming moments to be with the
   Mess-family? This is what you get when you come around!
   Your Partners in Crime:
   Strom, Hattara and Kai

   We are currently working hard on it! the schedule is nearly done,
   half of the spots for partys, HQ, races are reserved
   ...fingers crossed we will get the other half together too!!

   Plus 'xxxyeahs' have been sistered up with seattle as one the official
   fundraiser citys for CMWC14 -MEXICO D.F.!
   our friends from the US will be throwing their Winter Mess Games from

   we are working on ideas together, get stocked!
   maybe you have to learn some crazy german words while you are riding
   the alleycat in seattle  (Mein Schwanz ist zu Klein!- Noch ein Kleiner
   Absacker, bitte)

   Or you have to make some real seattle courier dollars in the
   XXX-alleycat while riding
   thru the wonderful industrial area of duisburg....



   book your flights!
   we will keep you up to date!

   Yours sincerely,
   Strom, Hattara and Kai !


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