[messengers] Dispatch / Invoicing / Online Ordering Software

Date: 23 Jan 2014 18:12:39 +0100
From: whitesnake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey other indies / messenger owned start ups / medium sized companies:

What software are you using for these functions? How much does it cost?
What are your complaints about it?

We've been using Courier Connex for the past five years, but since the
lead programmer died the software has not been updated, ever.  Its
functional, but not pretty, and it's ridiculously cheap.  We're willing to
spend more, for more tech support, electronic POD capture, etc.

I spoke to Digital Waybill, and that seems to run around $379US / month. 
I know 4 Star uses them.  Any specific complaints about it?

CXT seems to be the Cadillac of this stuff, but runs $800+/mo, which is a

Anyone have anything they really love and support? You guys not in the US,
I'm interested in that shit too (provided they have english language


Josh Whitesnake
Samurai Messenger Service