[messengers] a big ass race

Date: 31 Jan 2014 15:39:52 +0100
From: Shawn bega Blumenfeld <shawnbega@xxxxxxxxx>

 lucas, in the credits at the end of his movie, thanks me for
"throwing big ass races".

well im going to try to live up to that to bring you another big ass race.

sunday feb 16 2014 with a preevent on saturday.

saturday evening will have various messenger games. free to
participate, but i think we'll have some toss some money into the pot
winner takes all sprinting kind of things as well as some lets see how
long you can stand still kind of things. and then we'll have some
discount beer at the local pub.

sunday at 2pm, we'll open up registration for the volta do distrito de
columbia. a lisbon themed alleycat to benefit mexico cmwc 2014.

a whole new never done before race design. we'll choose teams at
registration for a team lisbon vs team dc showdown. during the race
both loyalty and treachery will be necessary to win. only one team
will take home prizes, and only the best from that team will win the
big prizes. will you race for your team or for yourself?

beer and food for all racers promised on sunday at the finish at least
until we're done giving away the whole bunch of prizes. of course
supported separately, so 100% of race entry will go to mexico.

some prizes may be small and meager. yes we can house you.

Shawn "bega" Blumenfeld