[messengers] Information about the ECMC Pre-Event in Copenhagen June 25-29th

Date: 31 Mar 2014 18:53:55 -0000
From: Simon Busk <simonbusk@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Guys and Gals!

So we FINALLY got everything in place to open up for the registration for the pre event to the ecmc this summer! We can offer drunken times, nude times and bike times! We are all pulling together and are all putting people up on our sofas, just write a mess friend in copenhagen or vikingquestcph@xxxxxxxxx if you need a sofa to stay on.

If that don’t play out, there will be sleeping places, shower and a vegan kitchen available at The Youth House in dorotevej, it’ll cost 50kr per person, but you need to bring sleeping mat, bags, pillows and towels!

There will be a group ride to Stockholm, we take of from Copenhagen on sunday and arrive in stockholm wednesday. To make it in time we will rent a bus to take us a bit of the way, you can sign up for this on our website as well. If you are crazy, Beaver is organizing a fast group ride, where you go all the 650km in three days.

During your stay we are hosting alley cats everyday, parties, gold sprints, polo, foot down, beer drinking, trackstands. Things will be SO GOOD! It will be summer, it will never be dark and we will ride like the wind!

So go to our website to sign up:

and go to our Facebook page for frequent updates:

/Best Regards
The Copenhagen Messfam