Date: 18 Apr 2014 02:09:22 -0000
From: Willy Wonker <fetologist@xxxxxxxxx>

We will put an hour aside for this, I love it.

- Safa
On Thursday, 17 April 2014 10:19 AM, Alex Farioletti <> wrote:
At the CMWC have an amazing opportunity to compete in the same velodrome
that Eddy Mercx set the UCI Hour Record that stood for 28 years!

I wish to organize an group hour record during the velodrome day, to set
our own record that will probably stand forever since we probably won't
have another CMWC at altitude with one the nicest boards we will put our
tires too, and I don't think anyone will ever want to do it again.

The Cannibal went 49.431 km (30.714 mi) and the current record is 49.441 by
Chris Boardman. We can crush them both! Who's with me?

Eddy Merckx - Hour Record 1972 Mexico City:
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