[messengers] super mess market / mall mess life / migros mess life / hyper discount mess life / hard discount soon

Date: 22 Apr 2014 11:40:10 -0000
From: FuegO <fuegal@xxxxxxxxx>


I 'm a messenger, and i drink some redbull, coz i'm thirsty , water or beer
this is punk ass mess life too much

by luck i had some oakley glasses wich is really confortable because there
is sun, & i had eyes

I used to love cinelli because .... i don't remember but mash & co. use it
so it's coooooool,
this built in china but we don't give a fuck ....

I had a head & i'm separate beetween, giro & bern

The bearings of my hub are gift by ...........

i'm sorry i stay french, i neeed to say then there is too much brand, and
other bad deal with brand and fake industry then one day we'll lost our
soul in a super market

fuck the event with red bull, fuck cinelli they never get us,
just keep in mind then the last red hook was win by a french who ride a
bamboo bike ;) .....
it seems then everybody don't care too,


so who sale the mess world ?

i trust in mexico, i hope i 'll had a chistole in an historical city,
hopefully meet local boyz & drink mescal

have a nice day everyone

Fabrice_Levannier / Fuego /