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Date: 22 Apr 2014 19:23:41 -0000
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Why say 'fuck them'?  Who are you?  A bike messenger, do you think people care about bike messengers?  You're someone who delivers parcels on a bicycle.  We have somehow come to believe we are special, we are doing the world a favour.  We are not doing the hardest job in the world, we do not have the coolest job in the world.  We are delivery people doing trivial work.  We're too good to align our events with the corporate world but we'll deliver for BP and Monsanto.  We ride through red lights like it is our right. We cycle drunk and cause damage.  We intimidate the public and spit at anyone who questions us.  But we are too good for an energy drink who gives us free product and helps pay to organise an event we want to run. 

Why take a dig at Nadir and Race the Place?  The event opened up a part of the city that was shut down.  It gave cyclists a chance to enjoy a race in their city, possibly meet new people and work on new ideas for the future.  It helped raise money for the BMEF.  It helped out brother Fish out with some prize money and product to continue his dream of racing around the world.  But because it had a corporate name in front of it you shit on it.  Who do you think paid for the set up?  Who helped get the permits from the city?  No one is forcing you to buy their drink or drink it when it's free.

I would love to be able to organise the CMWC without any sponsors or only with sponsors that are aligned with my core values but the reality is that I value my friends more than that.  I don't expect people to pay 1500 dollars to fly to Mexico and sit in my apartment and do an alleycat.  I want them to have a great an experience as possible in the short time they are here.
Perhaps the hat deal is not great.  Have you tried to raise money for a messenger event in a 3rd world city where people don't know what bike messengers are?  It may be nothing for them to give us a few hundred hats but if I can sell those hats I have a few thousand dollars.  Perhaps you should go and take a look at the registration page at  Have a look at the ticks next to peoples names and see that about 60% of people have not paid the pre registration.  A pre registration that I kept lower than most CMWCs that I can remember.  Perhaps you'll notice, Fuego, a tick missing next to your name.  You're too cheap to help your brothers in Mexico out by pre registering but too classy to let me take a sponsor's money without trying to guilt trip me.  You stay proudly French then, the French who couldn't be bothered to put an alleycat on for the Sister City Cat event.  An event designed by messengers to raise money from our communities
 so we don't have to rely as much on corporate support for the CMWC.  The French who harass women on the street in their bid videos to trying to win the right to host the CMWC.  The French who never have more than two representatives at a messenger event outside of Europe.

It's very easy to point a finger outwards but perhaps it's time to look at ourselves.  We complain about our lack of rights but good luck trying to get a group of messengers to stand up for them.  We believe we deserve better but wont work for it.  5% of messengers work their arses off while the rest sit back, free load and make shitty remarks.  Maybe if messengers all gave a shit we would be able to run events they way we wanted.  I'm not saying anything new, those who know know and the rest don't give a shit. 

So excuse me now, while I go suck some more corporate dick, so that when Fuego gets to Mexico he can run around naked with a pill up his arse, a cheap beer in one hand, a free tequila in the other with a well priced, non branded cycling jersey in a messenger bag he'll probably win by doing something as meaningless as skidding his back tyre.
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How did this happen?


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   too late FuegO! Cinelli has already bought the global marketing rights
   for all messenger championships and any messenger related event.  those
   rights dont seem to be very valuable though as they go for a stack of
   low quality cycling caps each year...

   you have to call the messenguerilla to change something my friend :)

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   word fuego! ;)
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   > Bonjour
   > I 'm a messenger, and i drink some redbull, coz i'm thirsty , water
   or beer
   > this is punk ass mess life too much
   > by luck i had some oakley glasses wich is really confortable because
   > is sun, & i had eyes
   > I used to love cinelli because .... i don't remember but mash & co.
   use it
   > so it's coooooool,
   > this built in china but we don't give a fuck ....
   > I had a head & i'm separate beetween, giro & bern
   > The bearings of my hub are gift by ...........
   > i'm sorry i stay french, i neeed to say then there is too much brand,
   > other bad deal with brand and fake industry then one day we'll lost
   > soul in a super market
   > fuck the event with red bull, fuck cinelli they never get us,
   > just keep in mind then the last red hook was win by a french who ride
   > bamboo bike ;) .....
   > it seems then everybody don't care too,
   > [1]
   > so who sale the mess world ?
   > i trust in mexico, i hope i 'll had a chistole in an historical city,
   > hopefully meet local boyz & drink mescal
   > have a nice day everyone
   > --
   > Fabrice_Levannier / Fuego /
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