[messengers] point

Date: 23 Apr 2014 07:21:27 -0000
From: FuegO <fuegal@xxxxxxxxx>

I work, i do my best, yƩ i'm certainly lazzy, you're welcome in paris when
you want

I was talking about a situation, not people or group of ... there no wolves.

Keep in mind then i'm respectfull of what 'the old messenger' create, i
already say that, so by the way that was a question,
to let enter hudge brand in the event, apprently those event took his roots
from our community, that's cool and this is a good point,

the only things then i hope it's doesn't turn the cmwc in itself, wich is a
unique moment to meet & see friends from everywhere.
Like after the work we join friends, simple as friendship, we spend 4 days,
those days who take a lot of personnal time for who organise it.

may be the deal might be, organise event as red bull race (knowledges give
by the organisers is precious so brand need that ) then after, redbull give
fresh cash to the cmwc commitee ?

My example is too simple but if they take something from 'us', they have to
give back somethin for 'them'.

or as we read a few month ago, if we decide to share document to organise
the cmwc aswell,
cinelli won't be the automatic sponsor to make the cap, for example too.

That's all, but the question is open

concerning your point of view about french, me & etc.
We say bullshitt, we heard bullshit, 50 - 50, no problem for me

i hope, willy,  we meet up in mexico

- for info i'm registered since 11 march & i paid, merci

i know a bit about gettin money during registration ... to prepare
messevent :)

Have a nice day everyone,

Fabrice_Levannier / Fuego /