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I have spoken to quite a few people who feel the system is not as good as
it could be.

>From what i know, the issue has been brought up before and apparently,
nothing has been done about it because no one was bothered to do something
about it but i could be wrong and there could be other reasons.

Having the 1st open forum at the beginning of the event is fine..people
just arrive, they are fresh and ready to once the agenda has
been brought up and discussed, get the bidding cities to do their
thing..bidding cities should have some materials that people can look at
through the event so whoever wasn't at the 1st open forum can catch up and
people can look through the materials over the weekend.

The 2nd forum should ideally be on Sunday. On Monday,most people are either
gone or too fucked to attend so it doesn't make sense to vote then.

It could be argued that people who are serious about voting should arrange
their trip to stay until then but the reality is that people don't/can't
stay on Monday (especially if the CMWC is in Europe, countries are closer,
people head back Sunday night/Monday morning) so we should accommodate that
and have the second open forum on Sunday...

The time when the main race finals are done and before the prize giving,
when people are chilling and before the big party, would be ideal to get
the bidding cities on stage again and remind people it's time to vote and
give them a deadline to do so.

Depending on logistics, there could be a couple of volunteers manning a
ballot box for a few hours at the end of the day so participants have
plenty of time to vote. Make it simple, give your rider's name/number, one
ballot paper, write the city you're voting for and cast your vote.

We need to make sure this is done thoroughly so have a list of all
registered participants and once they have voted, cross their names.

During the prize giving, someone would be counting the votes..IFBMA council
members maybe, as organisers will be fairly busy and the winning city would
be announced once the prize giving is over and before the party start.

People would be told in advance (ie on the website of the next CMWC
organiser if this proposal goes through) that the voting system has changed
and what it involves.

Any suggestions on this are appreciated.


On 26 April 2014 22:10, Leah Hollinsworth <leahhollinsworth@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hey messfam, this is a call out for topics you'd like to discuss at this
> years Open Forums in Mexico. Please try and be clear and concise about the
> topic you'd like to address. Ill be using the info from this thread and the
> one on the IFBMA facebook group to compile the agenda for the OpenForums.
> Thanks!
> Hope to see you all in Mexico!!
> Leah
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