[messengers] Voting system at CMWC Mexico

Date: 30 Apr 2014 17:19:27 -0000
From: Willy Wonker <fetologist@xxxxxxxxx>


The voting system to decides who hosts CMWCs is currently being discussed and will be a major topic at the open forum.

I would like to propose that CMWC Mexico use a new system at our championships.  We do not wish to change the schedule and therefore the open forums will remain on Friday and Monday.  We would like to change how the city is decided upon and have less tension and more time to decide upon other matters at the second open forum.
We propose that the decision as to which city hosts the 2016 CMWC is decided by majority ballot vote.  
Final registration closes on Saturday morning, after which we will print the list of all registered racers and their numbers.  Voting can take place on Saturday during the main race qualifiers and on Sunday during the main race (exact hours yet to be defined). You put the city's name on a piece of paper and put it in to the box which will be monitored by an official, your name gets crossed off the list and that is your one and only vote cast.  Any votes that are for a city that has not put in a bid or have more than one city on will be discarded.  We would be able to announce the 2016 host city winner at the prize giving.  
Of course it would be a good idea for host cities to add material to registration packs or make it available to participants before Saturday. We will be happy to add any city's info to our rego packs but will not be responsible for any printing or work other than putting it inside rego packs.  

Unless there are major concerns form the community I believe we can go ahead with this system this year as the current system is a bit of a mess.  The open forums can determine future systems and monitor how the system worked this time.

- Safa