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Date: 15 May 2014 18:35:49 -0000
From: "Simon Busk" <simonbusk@xxxxxxxxx>

NO!!! The ECMC Pre-event is the place to go for europeans, middleeasterns, asians and everyone else who want to have crazy fun with a RELAXED attitude towards life, traffic laws and messlife! We have sponsors such as the local punk youth house, kryptonite, thrash bags, bagaboo, chrome and MANY MANY MORE! WE DONT GIVE A FUCK! We just want to party with friends, in real life we are sponsored by our legs!

Come to Copenhagen this summer, we can watch the magic that is the Scandinavian summer night and talk shit! THE NEXT DAY WE RACE HARD!

In Copenhagen beer and weed is cheap, food can be found at reasonable prices and accommodations is almost free!


Med vänlig hälsning,
Simon and the rest of the CPH messfam

On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 03:48 AM, listening quitely<listeningquitely@xxxxxxxx>, wrote:

Hello All, I've tried to stay out of this....Here's me 2 bits, (but you guys fighting is getting tiring)

 1)  Any sponsor wants the most for least. (as do all business, that is businesses

 by nature) That in mind, they account their investment like this- whats

 goes in (from sponsor) must pay out at ruffly investment times 75% or better, (you do the math, you spent all them long days in school-right) So A Mess Race Events is seen by them as a fad event, worth only small investment, that compounded by event officials (believing themselves Holier than thou) that are eager, have good intentions but ZERO to Little:  Accountancy, Promotion and Big Businesses experience and with disregard or lack of skills with Business Meetings and cold calls in general. 

Here's Another way to look at it this... 

Cost of event 50,000$

You will need to bring in 150,000$ to pay all you bills, Don't Believe me , try running an event. 

***So Your Event cost of all goods and services needs to be about 20% to 30% of take in (income) or you will lose money. Don't Do Like Toronto and Tokyo...they

 didn't listen to me...o-well...

Caps only cost about 1 dollar ca. to make with shipping (orders less than 1000 units), add another dollar to have some volunteers screen print event shit on them. O ya, Maybe their is some couriers reading this-YOU have Friends and work contacts that manufacturer, design and print hats and other gear... use your heads (so i don't have to start fucking swearing)

 And if you don't know, almost all first world countries have a full tax exemption (credit) for advertising , that means its free to produce free to distribute, By definition it has no end user cost, its cost are factored into daily business, and are a full right off, no cost to anyone...despite what your lead to believe.

 Do  the following or fail....USE  a" Certified Accountant"  in good standing or your fucked, not a courier clingon. (shit that sticks)

 ***Quick math*** You give me 500 caps: I cant lease a venue or pay fees to suppliers. 

Try running a business that only takes caps and refuses cash, see what happens.

I will say again caps are paid fully throughout the supply chain and have no financials cost to: owner, producer, manufacturer, shipper, dealer. they get a full tax reimbursement for these items. So CAPS equal nothing. for those not understanding CAPS have ZERO value and add Zero value to your event, Instead the sponsor should be allowed after cash payment-fee's, to sell their wears and gear, simple. Don't be a gimp, don't just take because you think its free. That ends in diluting everyone involved. There is an old saying "Sucker Born Every Minute"

2) The French contempt Thing, Please stop

 bitching! (seems to come from the Americans mostly- just saying)

 I and Most others love the french, So what if they don't show up on mass for meetings, so what they don't get a race, so what ... when they show up in force, they will be on the other side, and someone else will be bitched at, that's stupid humans for ya. 

**** NOTE **** Everyone knows The Quebeckers the Montrealers HAVE the Best Race Shit happening anyway if your looking for french content. (bars open till 3am and or 6am and later and REAL bike lanes like in EUROPA)  To the haters, Feel Free to avoid the french , I will gladly keep the french girls to myself. NO PROB.

 Montreal has a great group of folks, and some good racing. 

O YA their food is better than yours TOO! (say again THEIR FRENCH FOOD is better)

3) Independents is STILL KEY to all things... (lose

 that , and your fucked) your work , your play, your race, things will get more fucked the more you add stupid to it.

 If you need a comity to plan shit, you'll have PROBLEMS, do it yourselves.  (ever try dating 10 people at once, its like that)

***Take Individual Ownership of your shit (event-life-work)

 You will end with a wining event or your fault, no fucking blame elsewhere. 

If your community wants to enjoy the event with you: they will, be real though, most people want to emulate a courier but they don't want all the shit that goes with it, they want to look in the window but still want to go home to their bed at night with clean hands (and no bed bugs)

 SO events are geared to us with invites and acceptance of them, keep that in mind before you bitch about "real

 sponsors", there is a

 place in courier racing for sponsors. (even cheap ass ones)

History proves again and again that humans don't and cant work shit

 out together, (or they get tired of the shit and move on) so do your shit your way, if the world wants and likes it: they will come....if not, ya know for next time...don't fuck up.

As far as the selling of the "CMWC" name if that's true, It is another of the most DOUCHE (that would be the far reaches of your private parts getting cleaned with a 2500psi power washer) moves yet by the board and it's incompetent members, it's obviously time for new faces there or complete dissolution, well since the name is sold there is nothing left of it anyway, so it is fare Territory to rebuild from scratch and call it what ever you like..(may i suggest renaming it "Pencil Dick only Tack Douches" Or "Cant figure how to fix my bike so I'll get one with ZERO abilities" LMAO-sorry, you know who you are) Hey fixxie where you gonna be after one of my 1200kms rides over three days. See ya clinging to a mud patty at the side of the road.

 You new people can feel completely comfortable with dissociating all cyclist, sponsors and spectators  without thought or regret or any

 insight to the past... also it will have proven my points above.  Its no Big waste of twenty five

 years, it was crap built on the fucking NORBA and UCI garbage anyway. race bodies that have ZERO to DO with couriers and city cores. Not to mention all the real work that went into it. Oorah

4) If comity and community is running the show ...SHOW us the money trail, OPEN ALL Financial records for all events. I know that 1000 eyes on a budget can and will find flaws, ways to save, cheats and outright theft of funding if that exists?  O that's right Toronto just magically lost all their documents related to the Race and funding of the funny business there EH? ever here of a database, you should all be familiar, you all use one everyday at work.

As far as Money from events or donations is open to interpretation by governance body what the final amount should and or will be

 donated with explicit regard to amount, as far a law goes it is only 2% by law in USA, and only between 2% to 4% in Canada enforceable by very limited laws. So if you want to be a thief that's the

 clearest way to get involved in Legalized thievery. So if an individual wants to pay out 2% and pay the rest (98%) to his or her self and or buddies that is an accepted practice of all business including business interactions with all levels of government. GET USED TO IT (stop bitching) or get your self in government and make the changes. Or things will stays the they are now.

****  YOU ARE SHEEP OR YOU DEFINE YOUR ENVIRONMENT,                       choose.

I have said these things before, others have said same, year after year same fight. 

Get your gear made at home, local, for

 that matter build companies to service the

 couriers and communities.


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