[messengers] Paris candidature CMWC 2016

Date: 18 May 2014 07:36:58 -0000
From: jboule 75 <jboule75@xxxxxxxxxx>

As some of you already know, we've decided to put in a proposal to be a candidate for CMWC 2016. 
Below is our propsal. 



1900-1950 all of the newspapers in Paris were delivered by bicycle.
Each year there was a "Newspaper delivery criterium"
organised. These were the first bike messenger races in the world.
there were no bike messengers in Paris until 1997 when we began to
see the bike messengers of today appear on the streets. It was in
2005 when we began to group together to form la PAME (the association
of Parisian bike messengers) and thereafter the organisation of the
first “alleycats” (of which, the legendary Panamalleycat is in
its 8th year.)

this same era, the Parisian bike messengers discovered the incredible
international community of bike messengers through the championships
that have been held in Switzerland, throughout Europe, and worldwide.
We immediately threw ourselves into this fantastic concept of meeting
up, partying, and racing around different cities together. Today in
Paris we have around 200 bike messengers working at nearly 15
companies - and these numbers are constantly growing. We currently
have a generation of older bike messengers who can pass on their
experience and motivation to the influx of rookies who are
discovering this profession. This gives us a constant cycle of bike
messengers who are passionate about what they're doing, and who do it
well. Now, finally, we would like to be a real part of the BIG
community of bike messengers.

us, hosting a championship on this scale is the best way to show the
younger messengers the values that we share as a community, thus
motivating them to keep alive the spirit of the bike messengers in

nearly 10 years, we have all taken advantage of and participated in
numerous championships - worldwide, European, and national.
we want to give back all of the happiness, joy, emotion, and fun that
we have received to you and to this extraordinary community. It's now
time for us to show you our gratitude, to welcome you to our city,
and allow us all to grow as a family.

many years now we have felt a mounting yet friendly pressure upon us
to organise a big championship in Paris. You have asked us to do this
each year, but we want to be ready, sure of ourselves, of our team
and our ability. We would like to prove ourselves once more and show
you "When Paris commits, we put in everything we've got, and
then some". Basically, we want to thank you all by offering you
an insane CMWC 2016.

- The Experience
we have proved that we have the capacity to take on an event of this
scale. For 6 years now we have shown that we can welcome you all, get
you cycling, dancing and most importantly, get you excited.
2008, the Parisian bike messengers have been getting involved bit by
bit in the community through:
the organisation of the pre-event of the ECMC 2008 in Eindhoven
(Panamexperience 1) (150 bike messengers)
the organisation of the Paris championships (CPCV) in 2009 (100 bike
the organisation of the French and Finnish championships (FFCMC) in
2010 (150 bike messengers)
the organisation of the pre-event of the CMWC 2013 in Lausanne
(Panamexperience 2) (200 bike messengers)
the organisation of the Bike messenger Christmas party for the last 4
years (150 bike messengers)
nearly 10 years we have travelled back and forth across the world for
numerous championships. We have taken the time to speak with the
different organisers; we have observed the strong points and the
mistakes to avoid. We believe we have seen and understood the finer
details required for a successful championship.

- The Crew
are now a lot more of us, and we're even more motivated and involved.
have created a team that possesses the varied skills required to
organise a great CMWC: graphic artists, web-masters, musicians, HR
and logistics managers, champion chistolers, and the managers of bike
messenger companies. Our bike messengers and committee members are
from such varied professions that they fill all the skills needed to
organise such an event.

- The Sponsors
have already proved our ability to find sponsors (financial,
logistical and material) for medium scale events; there is no doubt
that for a championship of worldwide scale we could get together all
of the necessary partners and sponsors. We have received financial
support for each event we have organised for the last 6 years from
all the bike messenger companies in Paris: Urban Cycle, Dropit,
Cycl'air, Paris Vélopostale, Coursier.fr, Top-Chrono, La Compagnie,
LNC, Novea, etc.
are all involved and motivated for Paris 2016. We are not excluding
the other newer companies: Coursier.org, Excell Courses, Vit Courses,
Dragonet, etc.
brands (Le Coq Sportif, HPA, Shimano, Knog ...) have been following
us and supporting us for years now with medium scale events
(pre-events/local championships) and also with smaller events
(alleycats...) There are some who ask us to do a major event to
promote their brands and services. Equally, we know that we can count
on the recurring sponsors of the previous bike messenger
championships. We also have the support of many bike shops in Paris.

- The Location of the Main Race
would like to have the main race take place in the heart of Paris,
and are already in contact with the new team of the Paris town hall,
who have been recently elected. Our number one objective is to give
you the opportunity to have this race on the Ile Saint Louis: the
heart of central Paris. We also have two more modern areas in mind,
the 12th and 13th arrondissements.
happens, we already have a space which is open, asphalted, accessible
and in Paris. For this place we know we can have authorisation as the
2013 Paris Cargo Bike Meeting took place there -  "Les Pelouses
de Reuilly." We are already in discussions to have a
Head-Quarters in the centre of Paris: la Maison du Vélo at Place de
la Bastille. Our other project (crazy?) is to recreate the newspaper
delivery bike races - the first bike messenger races in the world.

accommodation we are negotiating with the Cité Universitaire, which
is available in the summer as the students are away; this campus is
also a possible location for the main race. There are many gyms and
other halls in Paris which could serve as accommodation; there is
also a very affordable camp site, and many bike messengers that can
accommodate you.

- General Information
the last 10 years or so, Paris has had to put up with many changes to
the roads, and a lot of cycle lanes have been added. For 15 years
now, the City of Paris has been committed to a policy of sustainable
mobility and environmentally friendly travel. The rise of bike
messengers and holding a championship are very much in line with
these values and changes. This event is an opportunity for the city
to show its commitment to a greener environment.

and pedalling is not everything. The Chistole is a very important
part of the bike messenger championships. We promise to give you the
best of the best!

- The Organising Committee
Nicolas (Dragonet)
Houssine (Urban Cycle)
Fuego (Drop-it)
Orféo (La Compagnie)
Basile (Urban Cycle)
Samos (ex-Urban Cycle)
Gab (Drop-it)
Félix (Urban Cycle)
Jboule (Urban Cycle)
Pat (Urban Cycle)
all of these reasons, we can only see one choice:
PARIS 2016!