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Date: 24 May 2014 09:22:29 -0000
From: smokinjoe689 <smokinjoe689@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Diabolical! !! I fuckin love it

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</div>So in 

Taking care of the business

> On May 23, 2014, at 8:34 PM, Alex Farioletti <alex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Details:
> How many? 
> Everyone, at the same time, co-ed, co-op. We need everyone to beat the Cannibal.
> Gear ratio? 
> Go big 50x15 to 52x14 (90” to 98"). If we want to beat Eddy, we gotta go approx 32 mph for an hour, little gears means lotsa pedal strokes.
> Bars?
> Drops, this will be massed start so unless you are a team pursuit pro, drops is best. Probably drops only.
> Co-op? Co-ed!?
> Yes, we need to cooperate to succeed. We need lotsa bodies to keep a good draft. All ages, all genders, all abilities. I don't expect everyone who starts to finish, this will be tough, 32 mph for an hour at 7000'+ altitude is going to crush all but the Swiss, but even if you can only hang for a few laps you will have contributed to the record attempt and we welcome your efforts. It will be a race of attrition, competition will not be necessary. I expect less than 10 to finish.
> What's in it for me?
> If we beat Eddy s record, the finishers will get their names inscribed on a giant silver trophy cup to be bestowed to the winner for safe keeping until the next hour record is set, whereupon the new record holders will take custody of the Hour of Power Cup.
> Even if we dont beat Eddy Merckx, we will still win since its the first one attempted. It will probably also be the last, since nobody is gonna be dumb enough to do it again.
> 1st annual Co-Op Co-Ed Cycle Messenger World Hour Record Attempt.
> Do it or die.
>    Would be up for that thing! Are there any details for that. How many
>    racers? What gear ratio? (Recommended) what kinda bars? (Aerobars?)
>    Etc..
>    Sending love out of the desert of baja!
>    Kaiser
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