[messengers] sin bici but with you

Date: 6 Jun 2014 21:14:46 -0000
From: FuegO <fuegal@xxxxxxxxx>

here it is, i try to keep my bike, then i go in london today for nothing
it seems lost 4 ever

we had a great and simple times all of us in mexico

joachim, brian & all local guys merci again

i lost my bike and my stuuff 4 you, but it s stay a material madness
nothing more

i m just now in our office with friend & i tell them how we were together,
& how i miss this this competion , contender was huge, and great,

what happened in mexico will stay there

soon ill post some pix,no social net work for nothing
no bike no wing no long sentences

this mail need to live the mesenger list is precious to tell pain

chaze, the under the brige mail group need to born

4 all the guys get tittle this time congrats to you all

putain de sa mere, merde

with love mexico, it s like that

Fabrice_Levannier / Fuego /