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Date: 11 Sep 2014 20:50:13 -0000
From: mikael szafirowski <mikael.szafirowski@xxxxxxxxx>


I organized it last year. I'd be really glad if you guys have the enthusiasm to do it this year. I can give you a list of emails from past participant cities. I think the concept needs some refurbishing as not a lot of racing cities felt like paying to the common pot, so it's difficult to offer anything for the winner. Or perhaps we can find a sponsor for the prizes, that was partly the case in the first years, maybe it's an option again. The rules are here:

Let me know if I can help.


On 11/09/14 23:42, niceguysyyc@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
We'd love to host one too, haven't heard anything this year about it yet...


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Is anyone planning or know of anyone planning Global Gutz this year? I
would love to have it happen. It's a little late but I think I would be
able to pull it off for mid October, that is if no one is already working
on it..
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