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Date: 6 Oct 2014 21:56:28 -0000
From: "kai edel" <kek76@xxxxxx>

   Well said Ali!
   Second andy for sure!
   Totally stroemerli too,
   Cause he will also be the one who will
   Provides us with swiss retirement provisions
   When we are too old and too ugly to ride our
   Bikes anymore.
   Would also like to nominate joshua whitesnake weitzner for throwing
   crazy events and bringing people together! Especially in the big apple!
   You remember the east coast messenger chumpionships? The monster
   standby? Mess-magazine? Btw messmag is back alive on instagram!
   Although he always says he is done with organizing and doing stuff! Or
   this or that year will be his last cmwc/ecmc...he will show up or will
   is very helpful if it comes to organising messenger events!
   Another one should not be forgotten:
   I nominate Norbert!
   He, now is the one behind the messenger-list and deals with all the
   crappy spam and does the tecnical stuff noone from us has a real idea
   of! He took over the messenger list from bega acouple of years ago!
   Thanks bega! And while in these times, everyone is posting stuff on
   facebook (including myself) I'm happy to go back to the
   tecnical-messenger roots! Aka the messenger-list!
   And I nominate alcohol...weeds little brother!
   Copy, kai
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   alibaer@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

     i believe we all can't be thankful enough for all the things andy
     for our community, but in the recent time he was fighting a
     struggle. with all the support from the community (i myself feel
     for having done too little) and the news i got about andy's
     recovery, i
     today am confident that andy is gonna win the fight and soon be the
     selfless contributor for our structures he was before (especially
     the majority of his fellow scotsmen proved to be as dumb sheep as
     anywhere else. sorry for that, andy!).
     i couldn't vote for strom for reasons obvious to him, me and some
     (and i'm not familiar with most the other nominated people and their
     actions), so i don't.
     but i still would lik to nominate him and i can tell from my
     in the past years and even stronger this year, when strom was
     between various commitments, he's working his ass off to spread
     solidarity and to make the community stronger.
     he's one of the founding members of basel-based MEO(messenger event
     organisation) that brings messengers from all companies in basel
     together and keeps financial pressure from messengers when they
     events. voting for strom also means recognizing the work of
     involved in MEO.
     when he registers for an event, he might not turn up, but still is
     of the first to pay the registration just to support the people and
     their work at the respective event.
     and he shares his bed not just with fellow messengers but also with
     depressive dogs!!
     so all you who were able to benefit of strom's contributions this
     get your asses up and vote!!!
     Am 2014-10-06 11:38, schrieb AZ:
     > When nominating people, it would be nice to say WHY you are
     > said person. Not everybody knows everybody or what they have done.
     > Please remember, this is not a popularity contest, and it is not a
     > lifetime achievement award. Of course past accomplishments do
     > in, but really this is in recognition of a person's contribution
     > the mess scene in the past year.
     > Thanks!
     > --
     > AZ
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