[messengers] Help us get a Union! Messengers needed!

Date: 23 Oct 2014 07:23:45 -0000
From: Fhar Miess <fhartha@xxxxxxxxx>

Attn:  DC Couriers

This is perhaps an unorthodox way to get a legal filing done, but we need
some help. Yesterday, a group of us working at Capital Bikeshare presented
management with an opportunity to voluntarily recognize us as a union,
along with signatures from 85% of the non-management employees expressing
support. They refused to do so (or even to read the document or the
signatures). As a result, we've decided to file our petition for union
recognition with the National Labor Relations Board. Unfortunately, we'll
all be busy at work when this needs to happen (or we might be stuck in one
of the "informational meetings" that management has called to explain to us
why they don't intend to respect our desire to organize and bargain
collectively with them).

This is where YOU come in. We need someone (the more the merrier!) to file
this petition for us. I'm hoping one (or more) of you would be willing to
do us a huge favor and help us get this process rolling by picking up our
petition at the Capital Bikeshare warehouse (1714 2nd St. SW) at 12:30pm
today (10/23/14) and filing at the NLRB offices (1099 14th Street, NW Suite
6300 E). I know it's short notice, but that's what expedited courier
service is for, right? Help us get our union! Triple Rush! (Please get us a
POD and stamped copy)