[messengers] Melburn

Date: 22 Mar 2015 04:49:32 -0000
From: Mike Maka <mikemacca@xxxxxxxxx>

hi all

its been a long time since i have looked at this list, but im happy to
announce i'll be supporting the upcoming cmwc in Melbourne, a minor
sponsor, live painting on the course, some prize donations, stickers in
rego packs, and this Tshirt collab with the MDMA

$25 here


all proceeds to the cause..

and I'll be getting my van to sydney for a support vehicle and riding with
the crew back to melbourne...

if you are in 2 minds about coming and you are thinking about money and
time etc... money comes and goes, but this will be a great adventure and
the mdma crew seem really organised, and have a course in the docklands,
which is part of downtown but a newish development , but no one really
lives there, so you are in the actual city of melbourne...

and life here is pretty good... come check it out...


Mike Maka