Date: 17 Sep 2015 09:16:30 -0000
From: silvanweber@xxxxxxx

hello everybody. some news!

for some of you maybe a bit late but still...we invite you to come to Frankfurt, celebrate with us 10 years of Frankfurt’s Finest Shizzle with races, parties, the last sun of the summer and a lot more!

The event starts friday, 25.9.15 with a huge alleycat, the world famous RMR360°...goes on saturday with another 6 Alleycats in one, searching the 'König von Frankfurt' and will finish on sunday, 27th at the velodrome. There will also be some music around, some fresh food, side-events and some other of that good stuff. We can find a sleeping place for you…in any case please write to kontakt@xxxxxxxxxx if you think about coming, just that we know about it. Vai vai rasare. We want you here.

...almost ready. Here is what we have in mind:
 Friday 25.09
 15:00 Hi @ Blaues Haus (Niederräder Ufer 2)
 16:00 RMR 360° @ Blaues Haus
 during the Alleycat: CourierCinema @ Blaues Haus
 ~ 23:00 Groupride from Blaues Haus to After Party @ HoRst (in cooperation with RAVEBOTTA (Kleyerstr. 15 --> https://www.facebook.com/events/645306245612122/) 
 Saturday 26.09
 12:00 Breakfast @  Parrots & Crows(Battonstr. 4-8)
 15:00 König von Frankfurt Start -ontime- @ Alte Oper 
 20:00 After Race Party @ Parrots&Crows
 ~ 00:00 Secret After-After Party @ Somewhere in the wilderness of Frankfurt
 Sunday 27.09
 12:00 Groupride to the Velodrom @ Alte Oper 
 14:00 Racing / BBQ / Beers @ Velodrom (Heidelberger Straße 150, Darmstadt)
 check www.ffm-ev.org for more information...

 facebook-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/839229619496473

Also we are proud to host the dmfk2016 (OpenGermanCycleMessengerChampionships2016Frankfurt). Its gonna happen in the end of August...just to let you know!