[messengers] Today

Date: 14 Dec 2015 12:04:55 -0000
From: FuegO <fuegal@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear all !

Today, after 2 years, after a lot of differents feeling, sometimes good,
sometimes bad, well i’m french so if i do everything like a love story !

The App, name -Couriier- on the french app store for the moment.

why called Couriier ? coz that’s made for couriers by couriers, there is
two " ii " coz like that google put us in first line results include the
spelling mistake and btw understand the word ‘courier’ - yes we can sneaky
prawn google too !

at the beginning i just figured out that our customer used everytimes
iphone, smartphone. So why not for our job too ?

Mostly during fashion week, foreigners came in Paris, need a simple
service, they don’t want to be attached with a complicated offer.

Week after week, after the ‘under the bridge forum’ in mexico, couriers
united is created and we were agree to say that we must protect what we do.

Week after week, we work on the app, realize that we touch a bigger
business then expected at the beginning not only the last kilometer, but
the logistic in every town center.

We ‘re able to give answer to personal (B2C, C2C) delivery, everyday pre
booked order, plug in on web site, new solution, with not only this tool (
the app and his back office ) but with us, our bikes.

We all see the food delivery coming with an outrageous money set up and
ridiculous way of cycling management or staffing or teaching,

the only good news is that help the new customer to understand to use a
service, french are always late and today finally they understand how to
use iphone and bike service btw !

So for equal weapon, Couriier is here, easy way to order for customer, but
that’s not the only fonction…

What we hate all of us ? The billing !  We solved it, for every delivery
when the messenger take the picture, the bank transfert is order, the bill
is send. At the end of the day, you know how much you get, and during the
night the money is on the bank, as the movie " lock stock and two smoking
barrels ».

For big company, a monthly pdf will be send.

Try to get some precious hour to do something else during the day !
Communications, search new customer , clean the office ...!!!

In this app, global there is 3 differents sides, the dispatch / the
planning / the money account , billing

To be short and finish, i would just to present you this

the website >>>   http://couriier.com/#accueil

Today, the only things that i hope, standing in front of those big company
who resume the time we spend on the road with no respect.

Let them understand then we can challenge them, we got idea, we got tools,
we have bike & we got skills of our cities !!

No lies, efficient, truly in this business, i want to thanks you all,
friends i meet, from frisco, montreal, mexico, nyc, poland, england,
russia, japan, australia,

you teach me english, this pro active attitude, independent, this state of
mind the reason why all of you deserve to mentioned in this project.

Best regards !


Fabrice / Fuego /